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Peace Love Cotton

  • What is organic combed cotton?
  • Cotton vs. Combed Cotton.
  • Does combed cotton shrink?
  • Caring instructions for combed cotton.
  • Care for our planet.
  • Why all the products, not 100% combed cotton?                                    


What is organic combed cotton?

Organic combed cotton is not made with anything toxic like synthetic chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or fungicides. So, unlike regularly manufactured cotton, there are no allergenic, toxic, or carcinogenic residues in the material. Secondly, the fibers are combed with brushes to get the longest and strongest fibers, which increase the durability and support.

 Cotton vs Combed Cotton

 Cotton is a natural fabric made from cotton plant seedpods, and it is grown all over the world. Combed cotton comes from the same plant, but it undergoes an additional step during manufacturing to remove impurities or short protruding threads that are prone to fraying and breaking. The added work during the manufacturing process makes combed cotton more expensive and luxurious than regular cotton.

 Does 100% comb cotton shrink?

Cotton t-shirts can be washed over and over again as it can hold the color well. Cotton tends to shrink, which generally occurs in the drying process only, but the shrinking process will never make the cloth item two or three sizes smaller. For those who love fitted t-shirts, this shrinking process is a bonus. Still, to prevent shrinking in the drying process, the clothes should be hanged to dry naturally.

Caring for combed cotton

 The care instructions for combed cotton are usually the same as for regular cotton. In general, you can wash and dry cotton at any temperature, but it's a good idea to give your combed cotton garments a little extra care. To prolong the life of dyed combed cotton and knits, wash items with lukewarm or cold water with mild detergents. Use the cool-down cycle of the tumble dryer 10 minutes before the end of the drying process to allow combed cotton fibers to relax.

 Caring for our planet

 Organic cotton is biodegradable and decomposes quickly. So, when the clothes have run their course of life, they will biodegrade back into the soil, which only takes about half a year.

 Why every product, not 100% combed cotton?

 Some prints don't work well on a single fabric. Cotton fabric can not endure high temperatures, but the sublimation transfer paper requires a temperature between 200℃~230℃. Our aim is to spread positive messages through our clothing. Sometimes blended materials are necessary to get better results.


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