About Us

About Us





 We started "Peace and Products" with the understanding that every time you buy a product or support our brand, you're being an ambassador of peace and spreading a meaningful message around you. Here at Peace and Products, we believe clothes can be more than just a piece of fabric.






Our young generation is fascinated with the virtual world, games, sci-fi, magic, zombies, and of course celebrities. It reflects in their clothing too, but there is more to life than that. It's time we should all take one step to reality, to love, to kindness, to friendship, to life. Every step will bring us closer to inner peace.





Our logo is as meaningful as our products. Our logo is a combination of P+P. The first P reflects (Peace, Positivity, Passion, Purpose), which you can find in our second P (Products). Other than that, rotating our logo presents a heart shape and gives a message of love.






"Peace and Products" sources the world's most sustainable materials, including organic combed cotton, organic cotton, and recycled polyester.




Our company follows the whole sourcing procedure as any other big brands. First, we pick the yarn, mostly organic combed cotton yarn, which is more durable and expensive than regular cotton. The raw fabric is knitted, dyed, and treated with a soft wash. This treatment gives sheets a slightly softer feel and a crinkled look. According to our custom size charts, the fabric is cut, printed, and sewed.






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